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5 Ways to Keep Your Bed Warm on Cold Nights

by Angela Maple

We are midway through the season, and the days are only getting cooler — and so are the nights. Most don’t want to spend the night sleeping in a cold bed when the temperatures are bone-chilling outside. But retaining the heat in your bedroom and your bed can be difficult, especially if you aren’t interested in heating the whole house and paying a higher utility bill this fall. But if you also aren’t interested in layering up this season in thermal pajamas, socks, hats, or scarves for bed, take a look at some of these tips to maintain a warm and cozy personal sanctuary.

Let’s stay warm with these five helpful and inexpensive tips!

1. Space Heaters

woman wearing hat and scarf to bed

Space heaters not only warm you and your bed, but they’ll also exclusively heat your bedroom. Coming in various styles and multiple temperature settings, you can set the heater to the desired temperatures that warm the room enough to sleep comfortably. There are many portable space heaters like electric, kerosene, propane, and natural gas that can generate heat similar to a fireplace or use oscillating fans to blow heated air around the room. Whatever your preference, for safety, try to avoid placing the heater too close to fire hazards and not leaving them running the whole night. So, a good idea would be to let the space heater warm up the room before bed, get comfortable for the night, and shut off the heater before being lulled to sleep in a cozy warmness.

2. Warm Bed Sheets

bundles of decorative blankets rolled up

If you are looking for a low-tech solution and need new blankets and sheets, this is perfect for you! With summer long gone, it’s time to swap out the light and airy sheets that kept you cool on warm nights for sheets with better heat retention. Heavyweight sheets like flannel, wool, cotton fleece, polyester are better at locking in body heat as you sleep and feel like a warm embrace. Now, if you happen to be extra sensitive to cold temperature and want to be as warm as possible, blankets made of merino, cashmere, alpaca, yak, or qiviut would be the best and most insulating materials.

3. Electric Mattress Pad

white folded mattress pad

In the same way the electric blanket is a heated option, the mattress pad radiates heat upward from the base of the bed. By lying on a heated surface, you can experience a relaxing sensation and enjoy the warmth on areas like your back or calves that you wouldn’t necessarily feel with other options. Electric mattress pads also have safe and customizable warmth levels with auto shut-off, preheat settings, and multiple heating levels.

4. Hot Water Bottle

five hot water bottles in knitted covers on top of white linen

For a more simplistic take on stay warm, a hot (not boiling) water bottle is a great idea. Before calling it a night and going to bed, place the bottle between the sheets before hopping in. This will give it time to warm up your bed and sheets for a comfortable, good night’s sleep. If your feet get cold, placing the bottle will warm you from the soles-up for the night, or you can cuddle with it to warm yourself from the center-out.

5. Electric Blanket

controller for electric blanket on bed

Electric blankets are ideal for adding that extra needed heat to the duvet and bed without overheating you in your sleep. Electric blankets can be underblankets and over-blankets that can maintain a constant desired temperature throughout the night. Equipped with timers for safety purposes, this will prevent electric blankets from getting too hot during the night and sweating through your sheets.

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