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5 Best Sleep Apps for iPhone & Android

by Reyna Thomas

The value of sleep in our fast-paced lives cannot be overstated. There's no doubting the feeling of waking up after a restful night's sleep. Unfortunately, we all have to struggle with a restless night and bad sleep from time to time. But, determining what causes a good or terrible night's sleep might be difficult. That's where sleep trackers come in!

Sleep trackers provide you with a lot of information about your sleeping habits, both bad and good. They also indicate how your sleeping habits influence your overall health and how you can get your best sleep. They can help you figure out why you're having trouble sleeping, allowing you to collect your sleep data without having to go to a sleep lab.

A sleep tracker can also help if you struggle waking up. Many sleep trackers use a smart alarm to wake you up during your lightest sleep cycle and within half an hour of when you set your alarm. As a result, you avoid waking up drowsy or in a bad mood and instead start the day rested and ready. Check out the top 5 sleep tracking apps we recommend for better sleep!

man in bed looking at tablet

Sleep Cycle – Smart Alarm Clock

App for iOS and Android

The Sleep Cycle Alarm app analyzes audio recordings of snoring, chatting, coughing, and other sounds and records your sleep habits using advanced sound technology or accelerometer. This app graphically records your sleep cycle and overlays audio recordings to help you figure out what's going on throughout different stages of your sleep.

This sleep app can also detect your motions while you sleep and ring to wake you up at the most reasonable period in your sleep cycle. This allows you to feel revitalized when you wake up.


App for iOS and Android

SleepScore uses sonar technology to track your sleeping habits from the convenience of your nightstand. The program uses sonar waves sent from your phone to track light, deep, and REM sleep as well as determine when you wake up during the night. Within the app, you’ll get a sleep score to assign a numeric value to your sleep quality, which can be used to help you set sleep goals with the app.

After seven nights of use, SleepScore algorithms will provide users with advice and insights. Overall, SleepScore includes all of the capabilities you'll need to completely understand your sleep habits if you seek a comprehensive analysis of your sleep.

close-up of hand with smartwatch and phone showing health data


App for iOS

SleepWatch by BodyMatter tracks sleep using data from your Apple Watch or iPhone. This is the simplest software to use with your Apple device because it captures all of the information you need without requiring you to provide any personal information. It provides an in-depth analysis based on length of sleep, whether you were in light, deep, or interrupted sleep, while monitoring your heart rate, and it gives a sleep score to quantify how well you slept. Also, with the 3-day sleep target tracking feature, you can see if you're accumulating sleep debt or if everything is running smoothly.

woman wearing sleep tracker watch in bed


App for Android

PrimeNap is a free sleep tracker that tracks your sleep and provides you with important statistics and charts that assess the time and quality of your sleep. It tracks your sleep based on movement, just like other sleep applications, and can be used for both overnight sleep and mid-day naps. It has several unique features including smart alarms, a dream journal, and sleep noises to listen to as you sleep, which is unlike other sleep trackers.


App for iOS

The app provides an advanced sleep analysis algorithm based on current scientific findings. This app allows you to record audio while you sleep, which is useful for those who think snoring or talking in their sleep messes with their sleep cycle.

The provided sleep analysis will show patterns over time and include a sleep cycle diagram and a heart rate analysis. Pillow updates sleep suggestions frequently to help you fall and remain asleep, and it personalizes your insights over time.

The Path to Better Sleep Awaits

woman waking up to grab smart phone

Sleep apps are a convenient approach to exploring your sleep patterns, whether you are merely curious about sleep tracking or need help improving your sleep. Keep in mind that just because you're recording your sleep doesn't mean you'll sleep better. The idea is to change your actions and habits based on what you learn from the device. Anyone wishing to track their sleep and establish a plan to improve it can use the apps listed in our roundup to help.

And whether your sleep app gave you the idea or you want to arm your bedroom with better sleep solutions, check out our selection. Action Appliance has mattresses and foundations to get your bed in perfect sleep shape! Need help? Give us a call, and we can help you get on the path to great sleep!