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Headboards: To Ditch or Keep?

by Olly Mason

Let’s be frank: There are probably a million-and-one other things you’d rather be reading than a blog about headboards. But, with platform beds growing in popularity, many sleepers are ditching the headboard for a cleaner, minimalist look, to the point that many people are asking, “Is a headboard even necessary, or can I save a little cash?”

In the spirit of transparency, no, you don’t really need a headboard… that is, unless the following points apply to you and your sleep needs. Read on to see if the benefits of a headboard render them deserving of a place in your sleep space.

Brace Yourself for Cold Weather

Young girl in striped shirt in bed cuddling herself from the cold

Are you a cold sleeper? There may be another way to enjoy toastier rest beyond a snuggly blanket.

Before the luxury of central home heating and home insulation, bedrooms needed to be conditioned to protect against cold climates. One of the various ways that was done was by using a headboard. That’s right, headboards were originally created as a barrier against cold walls.

Despite domestic advancements, headboards still provide that benefit to this day, especially if your bed happens to be positioned near a window. High profiles from wingback headboards, mansion headboards, and panel headboards are ideal for blocking cold vents that would otherwise roll over onto the sleep surface and atop your body as you sleep.

Enjoy Reading in Bed

Woman reads a book in bed while wrapped in a blanket and enjoying a hot beverage

If you’re a nocturnal bookworm, the bedside nightstand isn’t the only furniture piece you’ll want to have in the bedroom. Instead of bunching up pillows to perch at a better angle, add a headboard to your bed frame and enjoy a handy place to sit up.

Readers can get extra cozy flipping through chapters with an upholstered headboard. Popular styles include button tufted headboards for an extra boost of padded comfort that is equally a treat during nighttime reads or simply unwinding upright in bed (the perfect excuse to enjoy breakfast in bed). 

Add Extra Storage

Long shot of bed with bookcase headboard stocked with various novels

You can even ditch the nightstand entirely and save on floorspace or play up the minimalist look by adding a bookcase headboard to your bed. This style of headboard comes with built-in storage cabinets either with open shelves or compartments with doors for even more discretion. A bookcase headboard is the perfect perk for nighttime book readers looking to keep their latest novel on hand for their bedtime routine or a handy place for other accessories, including a smart device, alarm clock, and other essentials.

Anchor Your Pillow

Close up of pillows neatly reclining against a channel tufted upholstered headboard

Your partner. Children. Fur babies. It seems someone is always using the bed—sometimes at the same time. All the extra limbs mean things are bound to fall, and if you ask us, there are a few things more frustrating than waking up with a kink thanks to the pillow that fell on the floor.

Add a headboard, though, and your pillow is less prone to slipping onto the ground. That also means you can bolster even more cushiony comfort with peace of mind knowing each pillow will stay right where you want it—even at full occupancy. 

Discover Comfort for the Entire Body Today

Despite the growing trend for simpler bed setups, we won’t count headboards as obsolete bedroom relics just yet. With so many benefits and the ability to make a bed feel complete, headboards are still valuable additions to sleep spaces.

Regardless of your preference in bed frame, one thing we can confidently say is every sleeper needs a quality mattress for sleep that is healthy, restorative, and enjoyable. While you consider upgrading or downsizing with or without a headboard, explore our list of name-brand mattresses to discover all the other ways you can create a more blissful sleep routine that you’ll enjoy ending your day on. Contact us today for more information!