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Why You Should Pay More Attention to Your Bed Frame

by Ann Ferguson

There’s more to mattress shopping than finding the best mattress and foundation. You need the right pillows, sheets, even mattress protectors. But the one thing you shouldn’t overlook is the bed frame.

You might be thinking, aren’t bed frames and foundations the same? Nope. A foundation is a wooden box with wood slats across the middle covered by a breathable fabric. A bed frame consists of a headboard, footboard, legs, and side rails, which support your mattress and foundation. Are both important for your sleep? Absolutely.

If you want to know why a bed frame is necessary, keep reading! We’ll go over the benefits of bed frames and how they can improve the quality of your sleep.

Everything Stays Put

A bed frame is necessary to provide more support for your mattress and foundation. A foundation evenly supports your mattress, but if it rests on the floor, you’re still risking your mattress slipping. A bed frame will hold your mattress and foundation in place and prevent slipping and sliding. Just make sure the frame is the same size as your sleep solution so that your mattress doesn’t bend.

No More Sagging

Woman with hurt back in bed

Let’s face it, mattresses are heavy, especially the higher-quality ones. So, they need adequate support to keep your mattress in tip-top shape. A bed frame physically supports your sleep solution and prevents any mattress sagging.

We all know that a saggy mattress isn’t comfortable and can negatively affect your sleep, so the proper support is vital. With the right support, you can also extend the life of your mattress expectancy, which means having better sleep for an even longer time!

Plus, an evenly supported mattress means no more waking up with aches and pains!

Keep it Breezy

woman in bed drinking water in front of fan

You might not be able to see it, but having proper airflow around your mattress is critical, especially if you sleep too hot. This is where bed frames can be a big help, as they raise your sleep solution off the floor and increase airflow. With better airflow, you prevent your body heat from being trapped which helps you sleep cooler. Ahh, that’s better!

Having good airflow isn’t just for hot sleepers; it’s also for people who suffer from allergies. The increased airflow helps prevent allergens from accumulating close to your mattress, letting you sleep sneeze-free.

A side benefit from increased airflow is something you’ve probably haven’t thought of — it prevents mold from growing on your mattress (yuck!). How can mold get on your bed? Well, the combination of too much body heat, sweat, and other liquids accumulating and not enough airflow to cool it down can help mold grow. But not to worry, a bed frame will solve that problem for you.

More Storage Please

side image of under-bed-storage frame

We’ve all had the same thought at some point, when did we get so much stuff? And do I have enough room for it? That’s where a bed frame can come in handy. You’ll have extra storage space under the bed by raising the bed off the floor.

Some frames even have adjustable legs that let you raise the bed higher, or you can use bed risers. Keep in mind that the higher you raise your mattress, the more difficult it can be to get in and out of your bed.

Other bed frames even have built-in storage in the footboard or the headboard. This built-in storage can be in the form of drawers, shelves, or hidden cubbies you can use to store your more precious items. And if you’re headboard is large enough, you can even display your belongings as part of your bedroom design.

Standout Style

canopy-style bed in a seaside cottage

Bed frames come in various styles and designs, so if your bedroom design is important to you, you need the right bed frame that makes your room pop. You can look for eye-catching designs like canopy-style bed frames or go softer with an upholstered bed frame — there’s no limiting what style you can do!

If you haven’t decided on a specific look, try exploring the different wooden bed frames. You’ll find a wide variety of styles that match your bedroom vibes!

Additional Features

Bed frames by themselves offer plenty of benefits, but there are additional features you can explore for an even more positive experience!

A bed frame with rollers is handy, especially if you rearrange your room every season. You can also use the rollers to help clean under the bed without bending over a lot. And if you have hardwood floors, rollers can help prevent damage from moving your heavy bed around.

Now, if you have kids or if you think you’ll be upgrading your mattress size one day soon, a bed frame with adjustable sizes is the ticket. An adjustable frame makes it so much easier to transition to a larger bed, so you don’t have to go out and get an entirely new frame!

Are There Alternatives?

picture of a platform bed in art deco style room

Let’s say that you can’t find a bed frame style you like, or you want something different. Are there alternatives to bed frames? Of course.

A platform bed is an ideal alternative that supports your mattress and creates a floating design. So, if you love a minimalist, modern look, then a platform bed is what you need.

An adjustable bed base is a little pricier but is well worth it. These adjustable bases (or powerbases) offer incredible benefits if you have a compatible mattress. By raising the head or foot of the bed, you can decrease snoring, improve sleep apnea, and more!

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It’s no question that a bed frame is a necessary part of your sleep solution, but what it looks like is entirely up to you. You can have a stylish new bed frame or do a total upgrade with an adjustable bed. Each option will help support your mattress and improve your sleep!

If you’re still in the mattress shopping stage, no worries — we can help! And if you want to learn more about adjustable bases, we have you covered. Our experts are happy to help you find your ideal mattress at Action Appliance. Give us a call today!