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7 Guest Bedroom Ideas for a 5-Star Holiday Stay

by Pam Silvia

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. From late November through the end of the year, we carve out more than just turkey — we also carve out time to spend with our friends and family. And sometimes, these reunions entail travel. To ensure your weary travelers have the most comfortable experience, we compiled a list of 7 guest bedroom ideas. With our vault of inspiration and your creativity, your holiday visitors may never want to leave. Check out our 7 tips here!

1. Ample Storage Space

overhead shot of neatly ordered clothes in wooden drawer

Instead of having your guests live out of their suitcases, be sure to have ample storage space for their belongings — whether you empty out a dresser drawer for them or make room in the closet for both folded and hanging clothing. Additional storage vessels for bedrooms include:

Chest of drawers

Nightstand with drawers

End table with drawers

Storage bench

Storage ottoman

Storage trunk

As a bonus, a couple of these options — specifically, dual-purpose furniture like storage ottomans and benches — lend to a clutter-free appearance, as they can hide smaller items you don’t always need on hand.

2. Basket of Toiletries

cosmetic bottle, bath accessories, toothbrushes in a glass and houseplants on wood shelf and wall tiles

Regardless of the journey, traveling with personal toiletries can be a thorn in one’s side — whether you are trying to abide by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines, are struggling to fit everything into your suitcase, or want to pack lightly without buying travel-sized products. A way to relieve your guests of these conundrums is to provide an arsenal of basic toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body wash, a loofah, toothpaste, deodorant, and menstrual products.

If you wish to go the extra mile, you may choose to spoil your guests with a luxurious complimentary package: toothbrush, floss, ear swabs, a disposable razor, a facial cleanser, body lotion, and spa essentials, like bath bombs, shower gel, scrubs, and masks.

3. Hotel-Quality Bedsheets

unmade bed with morning sunlight

Hotels shouldn’t be the peak of rest and relaxation — there is really no reason we shouldn’t sleep well every night. With high-quality bedsheets, your guest can experience restorative and undisturbed slumber. Due to their durability, softness, and breathability, cotton sheets with a high thread count are typically used by hotel chains to achieve an optimal level of comfort.

According to industry experts, around a thread count of 300‒500 is ideal for soft, durable, and breathable sheets. Lower thread counts feel rougher and can wear down quickly, and while you can technically find thread counts upward of 1,000, it is typically a marketing gimmick, as these sheets don’t offer additional softness or durability.

4. Extra Towels and Linens

towels, sheets, bedding, clothes, blanket, and pillow on a white shelf

Accidents happen, so, when tragedy strikes, it is helpful to have an extra bedding set in the guest bedroom closet. Similarly, it doesn’t hurt to have extra bath towels (including hand towels) and throw blankets in stock. The key here is to make sure they are easily accessible to your guest at any time. When you first show their guest where they are sleeping, be sure to show them where they can access these bonus amenities while you’re giving them the tour.

5. Charging Station for Devices

smartphone with low power battery on nightstand

Simple but effective, having accessible charging ports for your guests’ devices is a no-brainer given how tethered we are to our smartphones — not to mention that this accommodation will likely earn you the coveted title of “the host with the most.” Bonus points if you can provide a fast-charging option. You could install a surge protector or power strip near the nightstand so that guests can have multiple outlets for charging more than one device (be it a laptop, tablet, smartwatch, etc.). If you like to cultivate a high-end space, you may choose to have a wireless charger available to promote a cordless look.

6. Smart Assistance

woman uses voice control to turn off the light

A luxury add-on, a smart assistant can elevate your guests’ experience by acting as a virtual butler that tends to their every question and need. Engineered to do more than just rattle the house with good music, smart speakers give users more control over their routines than ever before. A voice-controlled speaker can kickstart a series of actions, including providing a personalized news bulletin, reporting the daily weather, delivering the traffic report, and pumping everyone up with an upbeat playlist.

Not only that, but a smart assistant can give your guests dominion over other smart home tech, including a smart thermostat, smart lights, a smart TV, and more.

7. A New Mattress

woman stretching in bed after waking up in guest bedroom

As you reassess the state of your guest bedroom, we implore you to check the quality of the mattress. Given that mattresses should ideally be replaced every 7 to 10 years for optimal comfort and hygiene, it might be time to shop for a new model. As you peruse options, it is in your best interest to explore different comfort levels (e.g., plush, medium, and firm), mattress types (e.g., memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid), and reputable brands. To accomodate a broad spectrum of sleep positions and body types, you might want to consider looking into a hybrid or memory foam mattress for your next model, as these are designed to last longer and minimize sagging.

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