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Upcycled Halloween Costumes From Your Bedding

by Dale Dauterive

Halloween is quickly approaching which means your kids are gearing up to go trick-or-treating. If you’re taking your little ones out on Halloween night to collect piles of candy, you’ll need two things: a pillowcase and a stellar costume! If you don’t feel like shelling out the big bucks for a costume that will be worn once or you’re just a fan of DIY costumes, you’ll be surprised at the quality homemade outfits you can make out of old bedsheets.

Don’t wait for the doorbell to ring to realize your children need a good costume—there are lots of creative bed sheet ideas that are deserving of an extra piece of candy or two. Grab those spare linens and a pair of scissors and you’ll be ready to transform ordinary bedding into a Halloween costume your kids will love. 

Charlie Brown’s Ghost

The ghost is the gold standard for last-minute costume ideas, but we’re not talking about poking two holes in a sheet and calling it good—no we’re much more creative than that! Take some inspiration from a cartoon classic and replicate Charlie Brown’s ghost costume from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. If you remember correctly, poor Charlie is as good at cutting a ghost costume as he is kicking a football. He can’t quite figure out how to cut the eye holes, so his sheet ends up with giant holes all over. Now you can completely cut up your sheet like Charlie, or you can affix little black circles of felt or fleece to achieve the same look. Hopefully, your kids will get more than a rock when they go trick-or-treating.


Sure, you can take the easy way out and wrap your kids in toilet paper and call it a mummy costume, or you could step it up a notch and take an old bedsheet, tear it into long strips and wrap them up until they’re completely mummified. Tie the fabric strips around your head, body, and legs until you look like you have risen from your tomb. Add a little costume makeup to create a weathered look and if you get chocolate on your outfit, good thing you’re already dressed as one big napkin.

Greek God/Goddess

Toga! Toga! If you’re going for a Greek-themed Halloween and want a classic toga-esque costume, a bedsheet will do the trick. Wrap yourself in a sheet, add a gold braided rope or ribbon around your waist, and throw on a pair of sandals to complete the ensemble. It’s a simple Halloween costume that’s easy to put together. Cross the sheets behind your back and tie the corners over your shoulder and just like that, you’ll be ready for candy and a toga party.

Statue of Liberty

A green or light blue bedsheet can instantly transform your child into a stellar Lady Liberty. Take your bedsheet and pin the ends together over the shoulder to stay in place—similar to the toga costume. Put on some green face paint, make a crown out of paper plates, a fake torch with a paper towel tube and some tissue paper, and your kiddo will be ready to march through the neighborhood in a quest for liberty and candy.

Little Red Riding Hood

A dress and boots look nice, but the real star of a Little Red Riding Hood costume is the red-caped cloak, which can be made from an old sheet. It might be difficult to find a set of red sheets, but you could always dye an old white sheet if need be. Once your linens are the authentic hue, you can make a long red-hooded cloak and combine that with a lightweight wicker basket. You can even do a joint costume with a friend and have them dress up as the hungry wolf to complete the story. You might not be on your way to grandma’s house, but you’ll still be on your way to finding lots of goodies on Halloween.

Princess Leia

There has been a resurgence of Halloween costumes mimicking characters for the storied Star Wars franchise in the last few years. One of the favorites is the iconic Princess Leia. This costume is great for any child who wants to devour candy in this galaxy or in a galaxy far, far, away. It’s a no-sew costume which is great to make at home because it won’t damage your linens. If you have a white bedsheet, a pretend blaster, and big buns in your hair—your princess costume will be complete.

SpongeBob SquarePants

I’m ready, I’m ready—for Halloween! You don’t have to live in a pineapple under the sea to dress up as your favorite nautical sponge. Design your own SpongeBob costume with an old mattress pad that’s spray-painted yellow and draped over a cardboard box. Simply cut some holes out of the box for your arms and head to stick out of. Any extra mattress foam can be used to make the clothes and facial features and you’ll be all set for Halloween. 

Mr. Peanut

If you want to make a costume that is absolutely nuts, then you’ve cracked the code with a homemade Mr. Peanut costume. It’s an original costume you can make entirely out of materials lying around the house. The peanut shell bodysuit is made from a foam mattress pad. The padding gives the outfit a textured look that you’d see on an actual peanut shell. Throw on a hat and a monocle and you’ll be ready to collect peanuts … I mean candy!

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