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The 3 Best Spooky Podcasts You Shouldn’t Listen to Before Bed [+1 Bonus]

by Waverly Wilde

woman scared and peeking out from under covers

Are you the type of person who watches a scary movie and then has to sleep with the lights on for the entire week? Well, then, this list of the best spooky podcasts may not be for you. But if you find the horror genre just a scream and love getting a good frightespecially during the spirit of Halloween —then we’ve procured this list for you. Get ready to open your mind to some wild and eerie stories this spooky season. 


 1. The NoSleep Podcast 

The name of this podcast is already foreshadowing your night with the words “no sleep” in the title. What started as a subreddit from the social news and forum website, Reddit, wherein people shared scary stories, turned into a full-fledged podcast due to its popularity. Once the idea of taking these experiences to a podcast medium was proposed, the producers chose some of the top stories and narrated them in the style of an audiobook. Special guests on “The NoSleep Podcast have included celebrities such as Elijah Wood, Kate Siegel, and Mike Flanagan. 

So, if potentially real and terrifying stories about bizarre situations sounds like something that will get your adrenaline pumping, pop this multi-award-winning anthology series on and get ready to stay up for hours. 

 2. The Last Podcast on the Left 

If scary stuff just isn’t fun to you but you still want to be a part of the Halloween excitement, The Last Podcast on the Left is just the mix of humor and horror you need in your life. While they talk about everything from serial killers to conspiracy theories to UFOs, the content may get gruesome but their banter is sure to lighten up the sometimes-alarming informationIf you are a lover of comedy, this may be the best spooky podcast to segue into the horror genre for you. 

 3. Lore 

Folklore isn’t meant to be scary, but sometimes, stories that have been passed around by word of mouth for centuries evolve into something inhumanThe “Lore” podcast takes folkloric tales as well as historical events and dives into some odd stories that make it hard to tell reality from fictionPrepare yourself a s’more when listening to “Lore” because you’ll feel more like you’re sitting around a campfire being told a spooky legend than sitting up in bed.  

friends sitting around a campfire listening to a story

Also, it has become so popular that the executive producer of “The Walking Dead” and an executive producer of “The X-Files" brought the “Lore” podcast to television. You can now stream the program on Amazon Prime Video. 


Top Contender: “The Other Stories” 

When you can only handle chilling tales little bits at a time, The Other Stories” has short 20-minute episodes to give you that quick fix without scaring you too badlyUnofficially dubbed the modern “Twilight Zone,” the mix of mind-boggling events complemented with an eerie soundtrack really make this one of the best spooky podcasts to listen to on Halloween night.  

We hope you take the time to listen to some of the best spooky podcasts we’ve gathered together and that the creepy stories don’t keep you awake all night long 

Of course, being too scared is one excuse for not getting good sleep, but having an uncomfortable bed is not. It’s time to start getting the proper sleep you deserve with the bed of your dreams—not nightmares. So, if you’re wanting to get a new mattress, contact us to speak with an expert to get helping finding a bed that will help your body get the rest it needs, no matter what horror flick you watched or what podcast you just listened to.