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How to Make a Bed the Right Way in 5 Easy Steps!

by Ann Ferguson

Your bed is much more than the surface you sleep on—it is actually your partner-in-comfort and, most times, how you treat your bed is a reflection of your person. Show us a tidy, well-laid bed and we’ll tell you the owner is very likely to be an organized person. The thought and the sight of a well-laid bed with clean sheets and fluffy pillows after a long day is nothing short of therapeutic. Just in time for National Make Your Bed Day (on September 11), we are sharing our pro tips so you can reap the benefits a well-made bed offers!

1. Cover Your Mattress

woman is putting a mattress pad on the mattress

A mattress protector helps to extend the life of the mattress by preventing all forms of spills or stains from seeping into your mattress. Protectors are also important for people who are allergic to clothing fabric and mattresses. By contrast, a mattress pad, which is more of a fitted sheet, can also be used to aid the comfort of the mattress. If it suits your taste, a bed skirt may be added for decorative purposes, and it should be placed underneath the mattress.

2. Place the Bedsheets

Selecting the right set of sheets can make all the difference in a comfy bed. After all, bedsheets are in direct contact with the skin all throughout the night. To make your bed, place the fitted sheet over your mattress and any of its toppers, making sure all four corners are tucked in nice and taut.

The use of the top sheet is optional, but in any case, the sheet should be evenly centered and hanging over the edges of the mattress. The next thing is to create “hospital corners’” by tucking in the sheet underneath the mattress, along the foot of the bed. At the right-hand corner, lift the hanging side of the sheet and lay it over your mattress; there will be an extra flap of fabric hanging down, so tuck that piece underneath the mattress. Then, fold the side down again and tuck it under. Repeat this step on the left-hand side for a nice, tightly made bed.

3. Layer on Your Covers

young woman making her bed in the morning at home

This stage is where you include any comforter of your choice, such as a duvet. Since it is the most visible part of the ensemble, we advise you to carefully select a design that you love. At the top, fold down the comforter to leave enough space for your pillows. You may also fold down the sheet underneath for a layered look.

4. Place Your Pillows

The first and most important thing you would want to do here is to prop up pillows that you use daily, as they will sit against your headboard. You can use the pillowcases with your sheet set, but for an extra luxurious bed, silk pillowcases can be used—using them feels great and has the added benefit of reducing bedhead and facial creases. For more decorative purposes, you may choose to include a sham or two, which are pillows that are more decorative than functional and usually match the comforter.

5. Add Throw Pillows

bohemian bed is covered with assorted throw pillows

This final step is a matter of choice, but for the best-looking bed, you could throw in some more additional pillows. About five decorative pillows are the maximum number for your bed to look full but not too full so it does not inconvenience you. A blanket could also be added at the foot of the bed as this makes it easier to pull up into a position when extra warmth is needed.

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