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5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Sleep on Christmas Eve

by Dale Dauterive

1. Stay Active

The best way to counteract the holiday jitters is to do something that will tire the kids out. Start a new tradition where you go on a December 24 adventure. Go on a family walk through a snowy forest looking for reindeer, build a snowman, go ice skating, or sled down your favorite hill. Stay active, have fun, and keep busy prior to all the presents and cookies. If your kids spend too much time sitting around, all that pent-up energy will come out at night, and they’ll be jumping on the bed until Santa arrives. 

2. Stick to Your Routine

If your nighttime routine with your child involves a warm bath or sitting down together to read a good book, then do the same thing to help your child get to sleep on this exciting night. Children are creatures of habit, and if they follow a consistent schedule, their bodies will tell them when it’s time for sleep even if they’re hopped up on hot cocoa and whipped cream. 

3. Parents Go to Bed Early

Parents need to practice what they preach. If the kiddos have to hang up their Santa hats and stop eating cookies before bed, then the parents should do the same. It can be tough for your kids to get to sleep if you’re up late rocking out to holiday tunes and watching The Grinch--they’ll think they’re missing out on holiday fun. Get the family on the same page and set a lights-out rule. You’re already wearing matching pajamas, so you might as well go to bed at the same time. 

4. Have a Nighttime Snack

You might be setting out a stack of cookies for Santa and the reindeer, but don’t let the kids sneak any late-night sweets. Sugar can give them a surge of energy and keep them up the entire night. Instead, give them a warm glass of milk (Santa won’t drink the whole thing anyway), a piece of toast with cinnamon butter, or some apple slices and cheese. These are healthier alternatives that will help keep their bellies full and soothe them to sleep. Besides, apples and cinnamon are still great holiday flavors! 

And if all else fails--let them take the last square of chocolate out of the advent calendar. 

5. No Sleep, No Santa

It’s pretty simple, really--explain that Santa won’t arrive until they’re asleep. It might take some tough love to get the point across, but no sleep means no Santa. He’s checking his list and the kids who don’t sleep are automatically naughty. The toys will be taken back to the workshop and presents are canceled. This might cause a bit of fear but you will soon hear snoring and know the message was well-received. 

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