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5 Summer Bedroom Ideas to Stay Cool

by Waverly Wilde

While balmy summer daycould mean sunbathing under the warm rays, playing in the pool, and drinking cold beverages, hot summer nights don’t seem to hold the same positive sentimentsThat’s because going to bed on a stuffy night can be uncomfortable and exhausting  but not exhausting enough to get you to fall asleep!  

So, when you don’t want to run up your air conditioning bill, there are some creative measures you can take to keep cool while you sleep. Below are a few summer bedroom ideas to help get you chilled out as you doze off to dreamland. 

Keep it Light and White

Have you ever noticed that the darker your shirt is, the more heat it absorbs? Just like your clothing, if your current bedroom displays dark hues such as black, deep purple, midnight blue, or something similar, you can bet that the sun shining through the window is going to linger on those items more than it would a lighter shade. Fill your bedroom with white sheets and curtains or a tan rug to ensure your bedroom doesn’t store heat well into the night. 

Blow Away the Heat

distressed girl sitting down with fan blowing at her

Fans are great substitutes for cooling the air when your air conditioner is on the fritz or you feel like using less energy. But sometimes a fan alone isn’t enough to stop the sweat from pouring down your face  especially if your bedroom is already full of hot air. Instead of having it blow warmth in your direction, place a bowl of ice in front of your fan so that when the wind sweeps over the ice, it creates a chilly breeze in your room.  

Freeze the Burn

One summer bedroom idea that’ll really cool you off requires two items: sheets and a freezer. It may sound odd, but all you’ll need to do is put a set of clean sheets in a plastic bag and into your freezer for a couple of minutes before you plan to go to bedIf you want them to be even colder, you can stick the sheets in for a couple of hours! Once you are ready for sleep, pull the chilled sheets out make your bed with them. With freezer sheets covering your mattress on a hot night, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Sleep Like an Ancient Egyptian

wringing out towel

Living in the extreme heat and desert of Egypt without air conditioning, the ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two about keeping cool at night.  

First, get started by laying a dry towel on top of your fitted sheet in the spot you are going to sleep. Then, wet the top sheet, but be sure to ring out any excess water so it’s not dripping waterLastly, rest the damp sheet over your body so that the coolness helps you maintain a chiller body temperature as you drift off to sleep. 

Upgrade Your Mattress

Sometimes, you can do everything to try and stay cool during a hot summer night, but your mattress could be the culprit and the real root of the issue. Some mattresses are better than others at circulating air, and if you happen to sleep too hot, you’ll want one with the cooling technology to regulate your body’s heat right. 

If you tend to sleep hot, then you need a mattress that prevents you from feeling that uncomfortable sweltering heat. Give us a call today — we’d love to discuss some good options to keep you refreshed and restored after every snooze in your bed. You can continue to come up with creative summer bedroom ideas to stay refreshed when you sleep during the stifling nights, but if your mattress is what’s actually keeping you up in a pool of sweat, you’ll probably want to replace it in order to achieve the best results for staying cool.