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5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help with a Better Night's Sleep

by Waverly Wilde

Spring cleaning may often call to mind extensive overhauls of your kitchen, closet, and living room, but you don’t want to leave out the room where you should be spending many a peaceful hour every night: your bedroom.

There are plenty of easy cleaning tips you can get started on right away if you want to clean your bedroom and help get some better sleep out of the deal, too. That annoying time change also happens this month, so we all need all the sleep we can get! Let’s get those spring-cleaning PJs on and tackle our bedrooms, one stuffed animal and stray sock at a time.


1. Tech-less Troubles

There’s one easy place to start your bedroom spring cleaning this year: Wherever it is you keep your cell phone. Step one: Remove your cell phone from your bedroom. Step two ... well, that’s it. Clearing your bedroom and making it an electronic-free space is a quick and easy way to improve the quality of the sleep you receive. If you rely on it for an alarm, go out and get a cheap old fashion clock. Trust us.

If your nightstand is starting to pile up with other electronics – such as your laptop, video game consoles, or iPads – these also should be removed from the bedroom. It’s all for the benefit of your sleep, and you’ll be surprised how much more relaxed your bedroom feels right away. Just remember: When it comes to sleep, electronics-free is the way to be! You can easily organize your stuff in another room – perhaps by getting a docking station where you can neatly place everything to charge overnight.


2. Fresher, Cleaner, Lighter

With spring comes warmer weather, which means you probably don’t need all of those blankets that you’ve been slowly piling up on your bed as each winter night grew longer and colder. Banish them away into storage! Be gone with them! Off with their metaphorical heads!

Before you pull out your spring sheets and bedding, however, give them a good wash to clean anything that may have built up during storage. A poll run by the National Sleep Foundation found that people sleep better with fresher smelling sheets. So kill two birds with the proverbial stone and clean those sheets and improve your sleep at the same time.


3. An Eye For Some Shut-Eye

Take a second. Hop in bed and look around. Are you happy with everything you see around you? The pictures on the wall? Are you happy in your bedroom?

If not, spring cleaning is a perfect time to fix this! Everything your eye can see in your bedroom is going to have an impact on how you feel and could have harmful impacts on your sleep. If you can see it and you don’t like it, replace it with something you do! Cleaning doesn’t just mean getting rid of things, it can also mean adding in new things you like better.


4. Voracious Vacuuming

You may have thought you were going to make it through this list without having to pull out the staple of spring cleaning that is the vacuum, but sad to say, that’s not going to be the case. Vacuuming your mattress is a good practice to get into to keep it clear from dust and other dander. Use the brush attachment and then proceed to vacuum as normal. Mattress covers are also a good idea to help keep your mattress in shape!


5. Plump Those Pillows

Pillows wear down much faster than mattresses do, and if your pillows are starting to look more flat than round, it’s probably time to replace them. Even if you don’t notice it, bad pillows can be having a detrimental effect on your sleep. So, tossing out those old ones and bringing in some new ones is another great way to clean up your room and improve your sleep at the same time.


No matter how clean your bedroom gets, though, if your mattress isn’t in good shape your sleep is going to suffer. Stop in today and we’ll be glad to show you our selection of affordable and amazing new mattresses – and you won’t have to worry about cleaning a new mattress until next spring!