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10 Soothing Color Palettes for Your Bedroom

by Bill Welles

Your bedroom plays an important role in the design scheme of your home. Your bedroom is where you begin and end each day and where you unwind on weekends, so this all-important space should be as soothing, relaxing, and comfortable as possible. Warm bedding, cozy pillows, and plenty of mood lighting are a good place to start, but what about the intangible aspects of interior design that make a big impact on the comfort of your bedroom?  

We’re talking about color. The right color palette sets the tone for any bedroom to create a calm and relaxing sanctuary. More than any other room in the house, the color you select for your bedroom will affect your mood, energy, and overall satisfaction with your living space. Choosing one of your favorite colors and pairing it with the right complement of secondary colors allows you to create a refreshing space for supreme tranquility.  

Whether you’re hoping to add a little feng shui to your bedroom or simply wanting to redecorate and upgrade your bedroom’s colors and accents, the right palette can weigh heavily on your decision. To help you design your home oasis, we’ve chosen 10 soothing bedroom color palettes that are guaranteed to be calming and serene.  

bedroom with white color palette

1. Lovely Lavender 

When you come home after a long day, sometimes a simple dose of lavender can be the perfect antidote. The plant features a peaceful fragrance and a shade of purple that isn’t overwhelming. You probably won’t want lavender to be the base color for your bedroom walls, but just like the blossoms on a lavender plant, this dreamy shade creates a calming effect in your bedroom that can positively impact your mood.  

Subtle notes of this hue can make all the difference. Consider adding wall prints, area rugs, throw blankets, drapes, picture frames, and decorative pillows with a soft hint of lavender. If you’re a true fan of the plant, keep some on a shelf or a nightstand near your bed to circulate that aroma throughout your room.  

2. It’s All-White 

Isn’t white boring and outdated? Wrong! Shades of white should not be overlooked in an interior design space. It's a color that should be incorporated delicately to avoid your room looking like the inside of a hospital, but if done well, you’ll be left with a timeless bedroom design and a color palette that will coincide with any home décor.  

White walls will open your space and make your bedroom look much larger. They create a calming effect for restless sleepers and busy minds to unwind each night. If you need to give your room an added punch, incorporate accent features like pillows, area rugs, or paintings to welcome some contrasting color.    

3. Sky Blue 

Have you ever wondered why we enjoy looking up at the sky and watching the clouds pass by? It’s because the sky is a very relaxing shade of blue. Darker hues like royal, navy, and cobalt can also be used in home spaces, but these variants don’t possess the same calming effects as a sky blue.   

It's a color that stands out without being too noisy. Its strength lies in clean, organized spaces where the color can truly be felt. Softer shades of blue represent tranquility, but they also require a bit of finesse to implement correctly. Consider adding an accent piece or even some dark-tone wall art or picture frames to break up your space and add some variety. Reserve dark blues for decorative pieces to avoid overwhelming your room.   calming blue bedroom

4. Peaceful Pink  

While pink is typically reserved for a more feminine design approach, a dusty pink can be a calming hue for any bedroom space. If you’re fearful of the unknown, dusty pink doesn’t resemble any neon tones. Instead, it’s a neutral shade that goes well as an accent color for pastel color schemes. Something as simple as a blanket, flower vase, or bedside lamp can highlight this color and stand out in your room.  

If you prefer something a little more neutral, tan, taupe, or beige are great colors to counteract busy minds and stressful work schedules. Neutral walls can help you fall asleep and feel a sense of control, but if you feel like your bedroom is a little too muted, it’s easy to tie in complementary colors like gray or charcoal to enhance your space.   clean bedroom with pink accents

5. Sage Green 

Green represents nature and the great outdoors, making sage a color of rejuvenation. Green is oftentimes associated with positive energy and good fortune, so a little luck might just come your way. Display a row of house plants, decorative pots, and maybe even some bamboo to showcase the leafy foliage and highlight a sense of true nature in your bedroom domain.  

6. Yellow and Gold 

Yellow is a bright and vibrant color that can make a wonderful addition to a refreshing bedroom design. Yellow can be gaudy if not used properly, so try to pare down the brightness of the shade with some deeper tones. Splashes of dark, contrasting color in your furniture or decorative pieces will prevent you from pulling an Icarus and flying far too close to the sun.  

If you prefer shades of gold to showcase your affluence and success, this is another color that should also be used sparingly. It can be soothing if used to highlight artwork, lamps, and mirrors, but overbearing if used as the main accent color.  

spacious bedroom with yellow accents

7. Muted Orange 

Orange is often looked at as a seasonal decoration color, but it is also associated with physical energy and emotional strength, making it a great color for your bedroom. It's best to choose a soft shade of orange like a peach or apricot to prevent your space from becoming overly bright. There’s a fine line between a whimsical shade of orange and a room that looks like a giant creamsicle.  

8. Shades of Gray 

Gray plays an important role in the calming effects of any master bedroom. Gray is relatively feelingless, which oddly enough allows us to control our emotions and wake up each day in a pleasant mood. Gray bedding, accent pieces, and simple decorations will add a sense of ease to your bedroom. And other shades mentioned previously like pink or green can create a very pleasant color scheme.  

modern gray bedroom

9. Rustic Reds 

A dark and rustic color palette can make a big difference in your bedroom design. A deep, earthy shade of red that resembles terra cotta pottery will keep your space grounded and add a sense of calm. It's a gentle tone that can provide a relaxing warmth to any design style or bedroom layout. Especially powerful during the fall season, think of wood accent pieces, fleece blankets, throw pillows, storage chests, ottomans, and more when utilizing a rustic hue.  

10. Totally Turquoise 

Well not totally, but splashes of turquoise have become a trendy color in home design. This can be a thought-provoking shade known to inspire creativity. It provides the feeling of blues with the excitement and vibrancy of yellows. Colorful area rugs, bedding, and picture frames play well with a turquoise design. Be bold and take a risk with your color scheme. You may be surprised; even pink accents offer a refreshing pairing with a turquoise color palette.  

Find Your Shade 

Think of your bedroom as your place to relax and re-energize when you need it most. Deciding which color palette inspires you will help you chose the right shade for your space. It can be a matter of preference, but these colors can also create an environment that promotes restful sleep.  

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