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What These 9 Sleep Positions Say About Your Personality

by Waverly Wilde

Open your eyes to what these sleep positions say about you.

Fetal Position

The fetal position is the most popular of all the sleep positions with about 41% of sleepers adopting this position. Those who tuck their knees in toward their chest like a safe little ball find much more comfort and security in this position. These individuals are described as having a tough exterior but are very soft and emotional on the inside. They are shyer on the surface but can warm up to people rather quickly.

The Log

The log position is when you sleep on your side with your arms pressed firmly against the side of your body--about 15% of people find this to be the most beneficial position to catch some z’s. It might appear to be a stiff and boring sleep position, but those who sleep like a log are the social butterflies of their social groups. They are polite, friendly, laid-back, very trusting, and sometimes gullible individuals.

The Yearner

Think of the yearner as if you’re reaching out to grab the remote while you’re lying in bed. This position is where you have your arms stretched out in front of you while you sleep. These individuals are a little more complicated--open-minded, yet cynical about those around them, very cautious when making decisions, but are firm on their stance once their minds are made up.

The Soldier

This sleep trait is exactly as it sounds--sleeping on your back with your arms firmly at your sides. You don’t spend the majority of the night sleeping this way, but you’re bound to turn over to your back at some point during the night. The soldier sleepers are typically very quiet, reserved, and very critical of themselves. They hold themselves and others to very high standards and ethical codes.

The Freefaller

Cuz I’m free, free-fallin’!! No, not a Tom Petty jingle, but a sleep position that can be just as relaxing as listening to this catchy tune. This is where you lie on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and your head turned to the side. This position may be uncomfortable for some, but those who sleep on their stomach wouldn’t have it any other way. The free-fallers are strong, sociable individuals, but are easily hurt or flustered by criticism or stressful situations.

The Starfish

This sleep position isn’t quite as cute as it sounds--starfish sleepers sprawl out over the entire bed with their arms and legs taking up most of the room in the bed. If you’re sharing the bed, chances are one of you won’t be very comfortable. 

Starfish sleepers are very giving and charitable--always willing to lend a hand or offer help to those in need. They prefer to blend in and don’t seek out attention, but can handle the spotlight from time to time.

The Stargazer

The stargazer is the sleep position that’s perfect for sitting back in your recliner to take an afternoon nap or getting cozy during the game. These sleepers find themselves on their backs with their arms wrapped around the back of their head. This doesn’t appear to be the most cuddly or comforting sleep position, but stargazers are inclined to make their friendships a high priority and will do anything they can to support them. They have a happy-go-lucky outlook on life and are always positive and inviting towards familiar faces or meeting new people.

The Pillow Hugger

The pillow huggers are the ones who love to snuggle up and get cozy in bed. Their personalities are similar to the stargazers in that they hold personal friendships in high regard. Whether it’s family, co-workers, or significant others, pillow huggers cherish relationships over anything else in their life.

The Thinker

Thinking is usually the biggest culprit for not getting enough sleep, but the thinker position is changing the stigma. Similar to the fetal position, except while you’re tucked in a ball your hand gently rests underneath your chin. For those who sleep in this position, emotions are at the forefront of everything they do--typically exemplifying the most extreme of every type of emotion.

A good night’s sleep is vital no matter your sleep position or personality type. If you’re looking to sleep more soundly through the night, stop by today and we’ll help you find the perfect mattress to suit any sleep type.