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7 Benefits of Buying a Split Mattress

by Ann Ferguson

Before you know about the benefits of buying a split mattress, it is important to know what a split mattress is. A split mattress is a king-size bed that is split in half and each half can be an independent mattress. Just as in the pre-1950s, couples can get a good night’s sleep sleeping independently from each other. A split king-bed is basically two extra-large twin beds put together on the same frame. They are usually adjustable to some degree, if not fully adjustable. The head area, foot area, or both can be raised or lowered.

female hand and remote control to adjust the tilt of the bed mattress

1. No motion transfer—great for light sleepers

If you are a light sleeper, and you have a partner that tosses and turns or gets up throughout the night on bathroom trips, this mattress type is a great option to keep you from waking up when they do. A split mattress allows one person to get up without disturbing the other.

2. Some are adjustable with a remote

Some beds come with a remote control, and this means that comfort can literally come with a push of a button.

3. One partner can read and the other can be sleeping

If one person is tired, not feeling well, or has to get up early, they may want to go to sleep before their partner. The adjustable bed allows one partner to be laying down resting or sleeping and the other partner can be sitting up reading or watching TV. This type of bed is great if one partner has insomnia or is a night owl.

portrait of senior man reading book in bed before sleep

4. Easier to move through doorways

Whether moving a bed from one room to another or one home to the next, it is much easier to move an XL twin than a king-size bed. You will have to move two XL twin beds, but the width and weight will make it easier, nonetheless.

5. Choice of mattress topper and sheet size

The fun part of a split mattress is the option of sheets. If you don’t use the adjustable features very often, you can easily put a king-size sheet set across the mattresses. You can also use two sets of XL twin sheet sets. If someone is a hot sleeper you can use a cooling sheet set, while if the other is a cold sleeper you could put flannel sheet sets on the other side. The complete flexibility and personalization this bed offers are amazing. A king-size comforter or quilt topping the bed can hide the fact that it is a split mattress if you want.

6. Adjustability can help with back and neck pain

In addition to be able to have two different mattress firmness’s per side, the ability to raise or lower to head or foot area can help you get more comfortable.

young woman stretching while sitting on her bed in the morning

7. Adjustability can help with snoring

If you have a partner that snores or someone that complains about your snoring, having a split mattress that can raise the head area can help you get comfortable and get into a position that allows you to breathe better, which could reduce snoring in some people.

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Now that you have seen all the benefits, you must be thinking that everything always has a downside, so what are the downsides of buying a split mattress? Honestly, there is only one. If you and your partner are really into cuddling in bed, the gap between the mattress can get in the way. There are products like bed bridges and gap fillers that can be used if you do not use the adjustability function option, so it is not impossible.

Check out what our impressive selection of name-brand mattresses can do for you! And if you have any questions, reach out to our experts. We are always happy to help.