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Choosing the Right Bed for Your Guest Room

by Bill Welles

It seems like an easy choice to toss your old mattress in the guest room and treat yourself to a new one when the time comes, but there should be a little more consideration when choosing the right bed for your guest room. If your guest room doesn’t have frequent visitors, it might not be worth the investment to purchase a brand-new mattress that guests only sleep on a few times a year. But we’re all in favor of upgrading your bedroom mattress considering it handles nightly use, so if you are going to transfer that old rugged mattress to the guest bedroom, there are a few things you should consider. But first, a quick lesson in guest room etiquette:

Guest Room 101

The guest room in your home can be a physical bedroom, or it could be the old sleeper sofa you have in your living room. Whatever mattress or piece of furniture you have in your space, the guest room refers to the area where houseguests would be welcome to stay overnight. The decorations and ambience help make guests feel at home in your guest room, but the most important piece is the bed. The amount of open space and the size of the bed will determine how well the guest bed will look and function.

You want your company to sleep comfortably, but the wide variety of products can make it challenging to distinguish which mattress type will best suit the needs of your guests. Is your old bed a coil mattress or memory foam? Is it a top-of-the-line product or are you still sleeping on your college mattress?

Whether you routinely host out-of-town friends or unexpected visits from the in-laws, creating the right space for your guest room can take some diligence. You want to be hospitable without breaking the bank for a mattress that seldom gets used. You won’t always be able to accommodate everyone's specific sleeping style and body type, but you can still dictate how you utilize the space and create a comforting environment for guests.

comfy bed with lots of pillows

Choose the Bedroom Space

Before you go through the trouble of lugging your heavy mattress all over the house, decide which space in your home would make for a quaint and cozy guest room. If you live in a larger home, the guest room should be distanced from the main living area and have access to a separate bathroom if possible. For smaller homes and apartments, the guest room may also double as an existing den or home office. If you do plan to transfer your old mattress into the guest room, be sure the room is large enough to accommodate the bed.

Entertaining Needs

If your family members like to crash at your place every other weekend, or you have occasional house guests visit once or twice a year, this could determine what type of bed will best suit your company. When deciding on the right mattress to fit your space, a king or queen size will comfortably fit any visitors. If you’re making good use out of other furniture pieces in your home, a futon or sleeper sofa may be more practical if you don’t have frequent guests.

If you just can’t let go of your current mattress, a bed-in-a-box mattress is your most affordable solution for furnishing your guest room. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice your bed and your guests can still lie on a quality mattress with proven comfort.

two friends catching up over coffee


And speaking of comfort, let’s get right to it. The reality is, guest bedrooms are always stuck with the least comfortable bed, and if you’re ready to ditch your old mattress, this works out perfectly. If your guests get to treat themselves to a night or two at your place, shouldn’t you get to treat yourself to a new mattress? We think so!

For those who entertain friends on the weekend, comfort isn’t as crucial, but if you have elderly family members staying with you for more than a few days, comfort is of the utmost importance. You want the mattress to have good support, and quality bedding and pillows can play a factor in how well guests sleep in your home. Just be sure all bedding and linens are washed before your company arrives to remove any dust or allergens.

comfy guest room with brick backdrop 

The Focal Point

If your home has the luxury of open, uninhibited space, an inviting guest room and welcoming sleep area will always be appreciated by house guests. Make the bed the focal point and tuck the sheets in nicely, fluff the pillows, and keep additional pillows nearby. You don’t have to run your own bed and breakfast, but that hotel-quality vibe will make your guests feel comforted and welcome in your home.

And try to place the bed away from windows that face busy streets or carry in a lot of bright light. You don’t want your guests to be blinded by glare from the windows. Ideally, you should have some shades or window coverings so guests can control the amount of light they want into the room.

Choose the Right Bed

With the proper planning, you can have a bedroom space that is hospitable and inviting for every one of your house guests. No matter the size of your home, there is always room for visiting family and friends.

If you’re ready to upgrade your mattress or you want to purchase a new bed to remodel your guest room, give us a call or visit our store to shop our entire collection of mattresses and sleep accessories. With a bed this comfortable, you may decide to move into the guest room full-time.