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7 Scandinavian Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

by Pam Silvia

Have you heard of Scandinavian design? Punctuated by elements we recognize from minimalism, Scandinavian design pioneered the use of white walls, wood floors, and modern furniture to perpetuate ideals of simplicity, function, and connection to the natural world.

Compared to other nature-invoking styles (like minimalism), Scandinavian interiors are less industrial-looking, and whereas minimalist interiors inspire their dwellers to assemble a more functional space, Scandinavian interiors encourage residents to create a livable space with a focus on comfort.

In other words, Scandinavian-inspired décor culminates into a space that makes us feel at ease as soon as we enter it—and that’s why we think your bedroom can benefit from adopting elements of this Nordic style. To that end, check out our list of Scandinavian design ideas so you can begin furnishing the bedroom of your dreams.

1. Embrace Muted Colors

In line with its dual emphasis on simplicity and comfort, Scandinavian design is recognized for its use of neutral colors, namely whites, grays, and tans, to make your space feel more uniform—and if you can believe it, brighter.

To avoid breaking from the sense of unity a neutral palette can provide, be sure to incorporate bold colors sparingly.

beige color scheme in bedroom with gray décor accents

2. Let There Be Light

A way to foster a comforting environment is to perpetuate a sense of open space. The natural light emitted through large windows can make any room appear larger, and even if your bedroom doesn’t afford you the luxury of a large window, white walls can emphasize available light. In either case, we recommend using semi-sheer curtains or minimal window treatments to allow natural light to brighten up your bedroom during the day.

And to help you unwind at night, be sure to install plenty of lighting fixtures that cast warm light for a cozy, nighttime ambiance. In fact, lighting fixtures are hallmarks of Scandinavian décor themselves, since having accessible lighting, whether it’s on your nightstand, dresser, ceiling, and in the corner of your room is the epitome of comfort—who wants to get up when they’re already in bed?

gray-themed bedroom with plenty of natural light and warm artificial light

3. Make Way for Reclaimed Wood

This Scandinavian design idea is a staple in other décor styles. Reclaimed or distressed wood in furniture and home décor mimics the multisensory experience of being outside, which satisfies an innate, human need to connect with nature. Best of all, reclaimed or distressed wood can add a warmhearted touch, giving the impression of a lived-in feel.

In terms of making your furniture selections, design experts preach that it’s important to emphasize balance so that your space doesn’t lose an ounce of uniformity. This can be accomplished through contrast in both color and texture; sheepskin rugs and chenille blankets will look even softer against warm-toned distressed wood.

gray-themed bedroom with large mirror framed with reclaimed wood

4. Hang Up Statement Art

Like minimalism, Scandinavian design embraces the “less is more” mantra. A décor principle among interior designers postulates that home accents shouldn’t be smaller than a cantaloupe (it is aptly called “the Cantaloupe rule”). This operates on the belief that anything smaller is perceived as clutter, which can be a culprit of anxiety and general discomfort, even on a subconscious level.

Instead, Scandinavian design encourages decorating with larger décor pieces—but only a few. Bold, monochromatic art in particular helps create a focal point in your room, granting it depth by drawing the eye to one place.

gray-themed bedroom with sage green accents including a large monochromatic painting

5. Flaunt Modern Furniture

Scandinavian design and modern-style furniture go hand-in-hand. Marked by clean, straight lines and smooth surfaces, modern furniture forgoes ornate designs in favor of simplicity. In terms of colors, warm, neutral, and cool wood tones can look great in a Scandinavian-style bedroom. When you are selecting your furniture pieces, your decisions should ideally depend on how contrast and balance are sustained with your room’s textures and color scheme.

Pro tip: Exposed legs on dressers, bed frames, nightstands, and chairs are esteemed for carving out open space and furthering the illusion of a larger bedroom.

white minimalist bedroom with light-toned wood furniture

6. Prop Up Some Plants

To pursue tangible contact with nature, Scandinavian décor features house plants. There is really only one rule when it comes to this Scandinavian design idea: Go for real plants, not fake ones.

While small houseplants, like some succulents, are beautiful, they can lend to a cluttered appearance. Larger indoor plants, including sprawling ivies, miniature palms, and fiddle-leaf figs, in woven planter baskets or understated pots look best, in our opinion.

minimalist bedroom with potted plants

7. Add Cozy Textures

As we mentioned in one of our previous Scandinavian design ideas, this Nordic style creates balance through contrast. To juxtapose the look of wood accents and furniture, soft-textured furnishings contribute to a luxe appearance and soothing environment so that you can unwind in comfy splendor.

Shaggy rugs, velvet pillows, knit blankets, and other soft accents can add intrigue to your room, offsetting the muted colors.

white-furred puppy lays next to white shaggy rug

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