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5 Common Dreams and What They Mean

by Ann Ferguson

Over time, dreams have been interpreted differently. Across various cultures, they have also been accorded varying levels of significance. During early Egypt, the Roman Empire, and Babylonian rule, for example, political and economic decisions were made based on dreams and their accorded interpretations.

Scientifically, dreams are still a subject in need of detailed study. There are presently two schools of thought. One is that every part of a dream has a specific meaning, and the other is that dreams are entirely spontaneous, mean nothing, and are simply offshoots of your subconscious thoughts — nighttime narratives built from our own experiences that help us process our day-to-day lives. It is then the job of your conscious mind to try to figure out what they really mean. Although dreams differ from person to person, they follow a symbolic pattern. Here are five common dreams and what they mean.

The Dream of Falling Down

girl ruffle dress and curly soaring hair levitating in a dream

This is one of the most common dreams. According to Cathleen O’Connor, the author of “The Everything Law of Attraction Dream Dictionary,” it is often an indication of stress, overwhelmingness, fatigue, and a lack of control. Regardless of the height from which you fall in your dream, whether it’s from as low as your bed or from as high as Mount Everest, this dream generally signifies that something is wrong with one aspect of your life. There is no need to panic, but rather, do a thorough evaluation and put measures in place to take back control of your life.

The Dream of Being Chased

Generally, being chased indicates that there is an object of fear, intimidation, or assault, which may or may not be powerful or strong enough to subdue you. It could also be an offshoot of a strong desire to escape some deeply rooted fear. The specific interpretation is a function of whom or what chases you in the dream. Being chased by a monster might indicate that you are hiding from an indiscretion, an addiction, or a debt. If you have the unfortunate dream (or nightmare) of being chased by someone you know, it could differ.

The Dream of Being Back in School Taking a Test

college students moving around man at desk in classroom

This is a performance-related dream common to at least one in every five career persons. This is a common dream when your competence is being tested on a project or task, there is a performance metric to be met, you are trying to get a promotion or secure a new client. Your level of preparation is reflected in how you feel in the dream — you are either anxious or confident.

The Dream of Your Teeth Suddenly Falling Out

This dream is often associated with anxiety about your loss of power, strength, or potency. Figuratively, your teeth or bite is a symbol of your power and drive for life, so many dream theorists and interpreters postulate that your teeth falling out in your dream means a failing of your power, confidence, potency, and relationships. It can also be an indication of the fear of becoming unattractive or getting old.

The Dream of Hanging Out with a Celebrity

ecstatic woman points finger at camera

This is often a dream of aspiration or desire. The key to the interpretation of your dream to ask is, “How is this celebrity related to me?” Do you like their personality, are they your celebrity crush, or do you simply admire them? If you cannot seem to find a connection, it is they are most likely hanging in your subconscious for a reason or they are a representation of someone else. On the other hand, it could be an aspiration to become like them or have something that they have.

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