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Chill Out! Our 5 Best Tips to Beat Night Sweats

by Michael Webster

Woman laying in bed with both hands over her eyes in frustration.

Let’s face the facts – everyone sweats. Sweating is a completely normal human function and a core part of how our bodies regulate their temperatures. However, waking up sweating in the middle of the night is a nightmare in its own right. Night sweats can occur during sleep without physical exertion and can also severely reduce sleep quality, concern a bed partner, and instantly cause serious discomfort.

Night sweats are also extremely tedious and if you’ve ever dealt with them, it’s natural to want to know how to potentially stop this uncomfortable feeling once and for all. If you’re sick and tired of having to change sheets or even clothes in the middle of the night, check out our 5 best tips on how to chill out those lingering night sweats.

Couple sleeping soundly next to each other in bed.

1. Wear Breathable Clothing

This tip is more of an obvious one, but we still want to stress the importance of wearing lightweight or loose-fitting clothing when you hit the sheets. Tight or heavy fitting clothing traps heat which can easily lead to getting too warm while you sleep, whereas clothing with lighter and more breathable materials can make it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. So, before you crawl into bed, make sure your outfit is comfortable and airy to guarantee your sleep is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

2. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Spicy Foods (Near Bedtime)

We all enjoy having a little late-night fun every now and then, which potentially means having drinks and eating something at an hour we usually wouldn’t. Believe it or not, but what we eat and drink has a direct effect on how we will eventually sleep – especially if it’s close to bedtime.

Man with a beard drinking a canned beverage and eating pizza while the refrigerator is open.

Consuming alcoholic or even caffeinated beverages, along with rich and spicy foods in the evening, can cause spikes in body temperature which will eventually lead to sweating. Avoiding them (especially later at night) will help cut down on those troublesome night sweats and have you feeling refreshed in the morning!

 3. Drink Cold Water

Another helpful tip for beating night sweats that is underrated and not often accounted for, is drinking a glass of ice-cold water before going to bed. It almost sounds too simple to work – but it ACTUALLY does! Having a small amount of cold water prior to going to bed has been found to help individuals with consistent night sweats achieve a more pleasant body temperature, resulting in much more restful sleep.

 4. Relaxation Techniques

Sometimes your body is so worked up from the day’s events, you can’t even relax when it is finally time to hit the hay. If you’re finding yourself still worked up at the end of the day, it very well could be the main contributor to night sweats. To help your body wind down and cool off before bed, we recommend practicing relaxation techniques beforehand.

Woman reading a book while laying on a bed with a lamp on in the background.

Quiet reading, light stretching, and listening to soothing music are just a couple of methods we recommend to put your body and mind at ease before going to bed, as well as disconnecting from all electronic devices. Utilizing some of these relaxation techniques will help get you more consistent and high-quality sleep, while also eliminating regular night sweats.

5. Time for a New Mattress

If you feel like you’ve exhausted every method possible to try and eliminate night sweats and are still waking up soaked, it might be time to look into a new, more breathable mattress. More often than not, constant night sweats could be due to an older mattress that may not be offering the support or comfort your body needs.

A new mattress will almost certainly improve your quality of sleep, as well as assist your body in dealing with those tedious night sweats. With our selection of modern mattress styles, we can guarantee that you’ll be sleeping sound and staying cool the whole night. Call us with any questions you may have about the right mattress for you! 

Couple laying next to each other in bed while smiling at each other with their arms behind their heads.

Healthy, non-interrupted sleep is something all of us crave on a nightly basis. When we experience night sweats, we immediately become stressed and more uncomfortable than we’d ever like to be. However, if we are able to regularly practice a couple of effective tips, those nasty night sweats could be eliminated permanently.

If you still find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to discomfort, a new and improved mattress can be the quickest and most effective solution to getting your quality of sleep back. Shop our top selection of mattresses from trusted brands here and start conquering those night sweats tonight!