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7 Ways Summer Impacts Your Sleep

by Waverly Wilde

Summer is great for catching sunshine, but is it great for catching Zzz’s?

Rhythm of the Sun King

Our sleep schedules are regulated by our circadian rhythm, which responds to light. Many people find that the bright sun of summer actually helps them sleep better! So that’s one positive feather in summer’s cap.

Don’t Burn the Candle at Both Ends

Summer always seems busier than the rest of the year, and with so much going on, it gets easier and easier to throw your normal sleep schedule out the window. This could impact your sleep in the long run, however!

Hot Air Rises...You Out of Bed

It’s no secret that the heat of summer can lead to restless tossing and turning in the night, but if you aren’t careful with the air conditioning, it can actually get worse than that -- if your room gets above 75 degrees, the temperature itself can wake you up.

Noise, Noise, Noise

Bonfires. Fireworks. Parties. BBQs. All of these are great when you are at one or hosting one, but less so when it’s the neighbors down the street and it’s 3 a.m. and you can’t sleep. Revelry is just another problem with getting good sleep in the summer.

Ahh, Real Allergies

The changing seasons bring benefits and negatives, and one of those is something many allergy sufferers know all too well: seasonal allergies. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep while everything is all stuffed up! 

Eating Our Sleep

Summer can wreak havoc on our schedules, and that goes for eating as well. And the later in the night you eat, the harder you might find it getting to sleep. Try to keep big meals far away from the hour you are trying to finally hit the sheets.

Summer Spirits

It’s summer, which is the perfect season for laying back and having some fun. Too much of that fun, though, can hurt your sleep. For some reason people seem to think that alcohol helps promote good sleep, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There we go! 7 ways that summer is having an influence on your sleep. Of course, the weather isn’t the only thing that can impact your sleep -- your mattress is also important. Stop by or give us a call no matter the season, and we’ll be glad to help you and your family find the new mattress of your dreams.