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6 Ways Good Sleep is Important for Your Physical Health

by Waverly Wilde

Ease That Blood Pressure

man sleeping on side has hand on chest and looks uncomfortable

What better way to celebrate American Heart Month than by getting good rest? We get it—it sounds like you are literally doing nothing, but taking the time to get some shuteye for the appropriate amount of time can do wonders for your blood pressure—a.k.a. your glorious cardiac organ. Prevent strokes and even heart disease by letting your tender heart rest for more than a couple hours.

Think Deeply

When the body rests, the mind awakens. Your brain can get a little run-down at times, especially when you don’t get enough sleep! Give your mind the gift of ZZZ’s so that when you are awake you’re doing more than just wishing you were in bed. Instead, you’ll be better at focusing and who knows! Maybe you’ll start studying a new philosophy or memorizing a foreign language. The possibilities are endless when you have a well-slept mind ready to absorb new information.

Feel Happier

When sleeping becomes the bottom of your priority list, your mood swings go straight to the top. Snoozing allows your body time to process your feelings. When you don’t sleep or are plagued by insomnia, your exhaustion can lead to mood disorders, anxiety attacks, and more. Rest your weary head and wake up a more emotionally astute person.

More Bursts of Energy

Someone in workout clothes tying shoes on bed

If your fitness level has been suffering lately, it may be due to your poor sleep schedule. When your body sleeps better, it performs better in active situations. Raise your energy level so that reaching the finish line is a piece of cake.

Fight Sickness Like a Champ

A case of the sniffles could mean you need a little more time resting. That’s one reason why sleeping is such a good idea when you’re feeling under the weather. When you rest more, your immune system has the power to effectively fight off germs but when you lose sleep your cells are vulnerable to attack. Want to feel better? Count some sheep and doze off into dreamland.

Control Your Appetite

an open bag of potato chips

Your lack of sleep can sometimes be directly responsible for your hunger cues. Sleep deprivation can unbalance the hormones in your brain, affecting your leptin and ghrelin levels— the hormones that increase and decrease your appetite. 

If you’re worried about your weight gain, then it’s time to get your sleep on!

 Of course, your sleep is only as good as the mattress you choose to rest your body on! Make American Heart Month the start of your healthier sleep-life balance by stopping by our store and seeing what mattresses we have to offer!