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What Makes a Luxury Mattress? [Features to Look Out For]

by Pam Silvia

Luxury isn’t defined by a price tag. Luxury is a state of great comfort — and our inventory of long-lasting mattresses can provide just that. Comfort means different things to different people, and when it comes to shopping for mattresses, one person’s relief from back pain may be found in a firmer mattress while another person’s need for joint support may be found in a plushier mattress. But beyond a mattress’s comfort level, you should consider its materials and construction when searching for a new sleep surface.

So, what makes a luxury mattress a luxury mattress? Read on to learn more!

Luxury Mattress Types

woman's hands touching different layers of new mattress

Whereas coil mattresses are considered an inexpensive option, memory foam, premium hybrid, and latex models are seen as the top-tier mattress types, providing benefits like superior temperature regulation, adaptive contouring, optimal hygiene, and more. Here’s a rundown:

  • Memory Foam: Do you have persisting back and neck pain that make REM sleep nearly impossible? You can minimize these disruptions with adaptive-cushioning memory foam technology, which is designed to respond to your precise body heat and pressure points to cradle your entire body in comfort. Aptly named, this mattress type remembers your body contour to enable a more fulfilling and longer night’s sleep.

  • Hybrid: The best of both worlds, a hybrid mattress facilitates the decision between a pocketed-coil and a memory foam. With a hybrid mattress, you can expect moderate firmness, superior support, and plush padding. It should be noted that not every model contains the same materials from top to bottom. For optimal comfort, you may choose to splurge on luxury models that have a gel foam layer and/or a latex foam layer.

  • Latex: For a bed that immediately contours to your body and springs back quicker than memory foam, look no further than a latex mattress. If you get night sweats, latex mattresses allow heat and moisture to travel more freely so that you don’t overheat as your mind and body unwind. With little motion disturbance, customizable firmness, and dust-mite resistance, you can (literally) rest assured you’ll get the best sleep of your life.

Luxury Mattress Materials

The key to understanding luxury mattress materials can be summed up in two words: naturally sourced. Did you know that many mattresses contain flammable chemicals? In most cases, mattress manufacturers choose to meet health and safety standards by treating their products with harsh chemicals. While this may make mattresses fireproof, the side effects of sleeping in such close proximity to these chemicals are not fully understood.

In addition, cheaper mattress brands often use polyester or polypropylene for the mattress surface, and these synthetic materials can interfere with sleep by making it difficult for you to stay cool. Here are some natural materials luxury mattresses are usually infused with that contribute to a more hygienic sleep experience:

  • Wool: Wool is naturally flame retardant, meaning that a mattress with a wool-blend fabric that holds everything together and a 100% wool surface layer underneath will need no extra fireproofing. The most luxurious mattresses use a high-quality cotton or wool blend for the fabric that binds the materials together, to increase breathability and comfort.

  • Cashmere: Cashmere is a premium material made from the undercoat of cashmere goats. Known for being supremely soft and comfortable, cashmere has the added benefit of also being a great temperature regulator in mattresses, as this cashmere blends optimize breathability.

Luxury Stitching and Tufting

man touches to test the plushness of mattress before purchasing from store

When you look at the sides of a mattress, you can sometimes see rows of stitching used to join the perimeter of the pocket coils together with the foam fillings and the fabric border. These tend to indicate a more expensive mattress that will retain its quality and last you over 10 years. In short, quality stitching extends the sleeping surface by providing a firm edge that won’t droop or sag.

Similarly, tufting ensures the numerous mattress layers are held together securely. Without tufts, the fillings may shift around as you toss and turn. Occasionally, sleepers say they are aware of the tufting in a mattress when they settle into bed; however, a luxury mattress will minimize this discomfort with carefully selected tufts.

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