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5 Feel Good Podcasts to Start Your Day off Right

by Olly Mason

Morning routines aren’t always so smooth, what with the millions of things to do. It’s a hectic time, which is why it’s also important to take a moment to enjoy the process of waking up — and what better way than with an entertaining podcast? From building a positive mindset to exploring our creative sides or unleashing our inner mogul, these 5 feel-good podcasts can help turn mornings into something to look forward to.

1.  Before Breakfast

Graphic logo of Before Breakfast podcast

Part of building a successful day is knowing how to effectively plan for what’s the come. Except, assessing everyday obstacles can be an uphill battle without proper coaching, which is why Laura Vanderkam has made it her duty to inform her listeners with helpful time-management strategies to intelligently accomplish goals.

Vanderkam’s podcast, Before Breakfast, is a thriving iHeartRadio and iTunes series with over 660 episodes to date. Each segment comes available as a snippet less than 10 minutes, making each addition easy to incorporate into the morning routine and can easily continue during the commute to work. 

Podcast Genre

Podcasts on the Before Breakfast series surround matters of modern life, from handling office protocols and business endeavors to exploring the curiosity of human behavior. Making Before Breakfast a part of waking up is an encouraging way to tackle the ever-changing landscape of the world around us.

Recommended Before Breakfast podcasts include:

  • Be a grocery store daredevil
  • The New Corner Office: Anatomy of a great day
  • Reconsider normal

2.  Invisibilia

Custom abstract art of two women in blue and purple

Usually, it’s our dreams that get us to think out of the box, but NPR’s Invisibilia podcast encourages listeners to let creative juices flow, which studies show is the mind’s prime time for imagination and ideas. Co-producers and hosts Kia Miakka Natisee and Yowei Shaw co-host the series which explores the invisible forces that shape human behavior.”

Investigative — with a spirit of philosophy — Invisibilia isn’t afraid to ask the deep questions about life (including nature) in hopes to get viewers thinking and about the world in new ways, which doesn’t always end in a resolution but, rather, an open discussion that expands our thought process even further.

Podcast Genre

Invisibilia can be described as a transitional podcast; themes include topics about humanity, including the supernatural and sublime or even nature and what it means for humankind.

Recommended Invisibilia podcasts include:

  • An Unlikely Superpower
  • The Reluctant Immortalist
  • White v. White?

3.  Accidental Creative

Graphic logo of Accidental Creative podcast

In the age of self-made entrepreneurs, sound business guidance is priceless. Arguably more valuable is having a team of focus-driven individuals with a clear goal in mind. That’s why the brains behind Accidental Creative have developed two podcasts — The Accidental Creative (semi-weekly) and The Daily Creative (daily) — for businessmen and businesswomen.

Available on Apple Podcasts or via email subscription, each episode hosted by Todd Henry features insight from successful leaders, including business strategies, tips, and emerging ideas, all which help direct the entrepreneurial lifestyle. While tuning in as a solo exercise is just as beneficial, why not try including a few segments as part of the morning office routine?

Podcast Genre

While The Accidental Creative and The Daily Creative appeal to marketing minds, the tips and strategies discussed can just as easily be applied to the logistics of building a family, managing school life and work, or new and exciting business opportunities (hello, side hustle).

Recommended The Accidental/The Daily Creative podcasts include:

  • The Ministry of Common Sense
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Unleash Your Creativity With The Dailies

4.  Stuff You Should Know

Graphic logo of Stuff You Should Know podcast

Whether we like it or not, random facts, trivia, and basically any information that’s interesting have a way of sticking to the brain. True, that may mean remembering the capital of South Dakota during an important test or while trying to plow through a deadline. But enjoying education without the pressure of putting what’s been learned to test can also serve as a fun learning session, which is a great way to transition into the morning. 

iHeartRadio and iTunes podcast Stuff You Should Know — hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant — provides listeners with a moment to learn all the things they wish they could make time for. And when it comes to content, Stuff You Should Know delivers an impressive catalog with over 1,600 episodes dating from 2008 to the present, meaning new listeners won’t be running out of material to enjoy any time soon.

Podcast Genre

Stuff You Should Know, or SYSK, has no rules: Anything that is interesting could have its very own episode, provided the subject is engaging, unique, and gets listeners thinking. In other words, this podcast invites viewers to take a microscope to the overseen aspects of life in hopes of showing why they’re important and celebrating the nature of curiosity.

Recommended Stuff You Should Know Podcasts:

  • Selects: How Tupperware Works
  • Selects: What was the Philadelphia Experiment?
  • Short Stuff: Palindromes

5.  Song Exploder

Song Exploder multicolored logo against black background

Some things just pair naturally with mornings, like a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a playlist of motivational jams to uplift the spirits. But what exactly goes into making a good soundtrack, or even a good song?

The Song Exploder podcast seeks to answer those very questions (and more) with its ongoing series of interviews where artists across a spectrum of musical genres dissect select songs. During each episode, host Hrishikesh Hirway takes his listeners behind the scenes to explore the art of production, songwriting, and storytelling to some of the most iconic songs.

Along the way, Hirway will invite familiar names as well as up-and-coming artists, so if the playlist is sounding stale, this is also a great way to discover new artists.

Podcast Genre

This podcast does double duty on the cranium, providing an interactive way for listeners to learn and express creativity, while also providing the proven relaxation of music. In other words, Song Exploder is simultaneously educational and entertaining, which can help ease the mind into a less stressful mindset to help manage the rest of the day.

Recommended Song Exploder podcasts:

  • Episode 191: Black Pumas
  • Episode 158: The Cranberries
  • Episode 150: Fleetwood Mac

More Ways to Feel Good

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