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How Does Heat Affect Your Sleep?

by Michael Webster

With Summer in full bloom, the sun sets much later in the day, meaning more time for activities and fun. However, the long and toasty summer days can also make it very difficult to get some much needed shut-eye.

Beyond the heat, work schedules can ramp up and lead to unwanted stress as we plan summer vacations, our social lives become more active, and we eat our meals later in the day, which are all contributing factors that can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. So, what are you supposed to do when the summer heat is getting in the way of your quality sleep?

If the heat is causing you to lose out on well-deserved rest, read on to see how it can affect your sleep routine, and what you can do to prepare yourself for the warmer nights ahead.

Frenchie dog falling asleep next to mini electric fan.

How the Heat Affects Us

Warmer temperatures can cause discomfort and restlessness, and anyone who has slept in a stuffy bedroom can attest that it’s almost impossible to nod off when you’re sweaty and dehydrated. Heat can affect your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel refreshed in the morning.

The reason why the summer heat affects us so much during the night is due to the amount of light throughout the day. Light is one of the most important factors affecting your circadian rhythm (which is your body’s internal clock that is used to help control sleep.) Meaning, the longer the sun’s out, the longer our bodies will tell us it’s time to be awake.

Girl cooling herself with big fan while sitting on bed.

What Can You Do?

If the heat is continuing to make you toss and turn throughout the night or just causing you grief, check out these useful strategies to use when combatting the hot, summer nights.

  • Establish a Sleep Schedule: When the sun doesn’t set until nearly 9 p.m., it’s much easier to extend your daytime routine and spend more time outdoors enjoying the cooler evenings. Longer days also lead to increased bedroom temperatures, so if you’re sleeping in a room with a warm environment, your body will eventually shift from a relaxed feeling into a state of increased awareness.
  • Bathe Before Bedtime: Some experts recommend a hot bath before hitting the sheets, so your core body temperature drops when you get into bed. A quick cool shower will lower your core body temperature as well and helps wash away any sweat or stickiness, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Chill Your Pulse Points: To help cool you down quickly, apply cold packs or ice before bedtime in areas where you can feel your pulses: the wrist, neck, elbows, ankles, and behind your knees. This will assist in naturally cooling your body’s more restless areas into a peaceful sleep.
  • Invest in a New Mattress: It very well could be time to consider a new, more modern mattress to help beat that heat. Most new mattresses are designed for optimal airflow and temperature regulation, and some brands even specialize in cooling sleep solutions to guarantee you stay cool, relaxed, and comfortable each night.  

Couple lying in bed at home in their bedroom happy and smiling with their dog.

The summer season is a relaxing time to adventure with family and friends, but don’t forget the importance of quality sleep. When the heat starts creeping up (especially at night), it can be incredibly difficult to catch some Zzs on a regular basis. For the best summer sleep adjustment, try investing in a new mattress.

Tossing and turning can be a direct cause of a worn-out mattress that lacks the cooling comfort and support needed to rest soundly through the summer nights. If you’re ready to experience the level of sleep you’ve always dreamed of, give us a call, browse our digital catalog, or visit us in person to shop our entire collection of mattresses, foundations, and sleep accessories.