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5 Tips to Sleep Better With Your Spouse

by Dale Dauterive

1. Upgrade Your Mattress

If you and your spouse have trouble sleeping through the night, it might be time to upgrade your mattress. Between snoring, rolling over to grab more covers, and getting up in the middle of the night to fetch a glass of water--as your mattress wears over time, you’ll be woken by all of these sudden movements. 

Investing in a comfortable Tempur-Pedic mattress will absorb impact and motion so you no longer feel each other’s movements. If that isn't enough, you can even customize each side of the bed to suit the needs of you and your partner. One side can be firm and the other side can be soft and pillowy. It might not be a cloud but it feels like the next best thing. 

2. More Pillow Talk 

One way to improve your sleep together as a couple is to incorporate lots and lots of pillows in the bed. It makes your sleep surface more cozy and welcoming, and if you get sick of cuddling, you’ve got plenty of pillows to squeeze tight. 

Pillows are especially helpful if both you and your spouse are side-sleepers. This means you will either face each other and support your back with pillows, or you’ll hug a pillow and support each other while you’re spooning. All the extra comfort and support make you feel snug and ready to drift off to dreamland. 

It’s also a great way to face each other and talk with your spouse before hitting the lights. Soft conversation before bed is a great way to catch up on the events of the day and unwind naturally to gently fall asleep together. 

3. Choose Your Sides 

It’s imperative to have set sides of the bed. Whether you prefer to sleep on the side closest to the door or the side that’s propped up against the wall, choose your sides and stick with it. It might mean getting a larger bed to ensure no one crosses the invisible line, but it’s really just a matter of utilizing all of your mattress space. 

Sleeping in the middle of the bed is not a good use of space and almost guarantees someone will get an elbow or knee lodged in their back. A fight for extra covers can cause this nightly shift, so it’s also a good idea to sleep with separate or larger blankets and pillows to reduce potential hogging and jarring anyone awake. 

4. Strategic Bed Position 

The position in which you sleep is just as important as the mattress you sleep on. If you’re a warm sleeper, odds are, you’ll kick off all the covers onto your spouse and sleep completely sprawled out. If someone snores, you’ll probably provide a gentle poke to urge them to roll over onto their side. 

The point being, there is a strategy to your sleep position that can help you snooze through the night. If you sleep best on your back or stomach, stick with that. Whatever your sweet spot is, nodding off in the same position each night It will ensure you are comfortable and not disturbing your partner while you jostle for position.

5. Spoon Don't Snore 

The best way to prevent snoring is to sleep on your side--that means plenty of spooning for you and your partner! If your sleep partner is a wiggle worm, try being the big spoon so they can’t roll away from you. 

Falling asleep side-by-side is a great trick to prevent restless nights. Closeness provides the warmth and comfort needed to doze off into the night. Embrace the snuggle, wrap your arms around each other and hold on tight. 

If you need tips on how to sleep better or you need a new mattress to rest your head each night, visit our store to shop our line of mattresses and sleep accessories. Our expert staff is more than happy to assist you in finding the right mattress to perfectly fit the needs of both you and your spouse.