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Bed-Making Tips for National Make Your Bed Day

by Bill Welles

There are some holidays we look forward to every year, but National Make Your Bed Day is one holiday we should celebrate every day of the year. It’s hard enough waking up in the morning without repeatedly hitting the snooze button or staggering like a zombie to turn on the coffee pot, but if you can find the will to tuck in those sheets and fluff those pillows before heading out the door in the morning, it will lead to increased productivity and lower stress levels throughout the day. We’re not saying you need to create a Pinterest worthy display, but a simple tug of the comforter only takes a few seconds and will instantly improve the look of your bedroom.  

It’s especially important for kids to make their bed each day to create a semblance of routine and structure that they can also utilize in the classroom. It’s a simple task that any child can do, but the repetition of making your bed creates good habits and allows children to start the day with an accomplishment and a sense of pride. Kids can be full of excuses as to why they won’t make their bed from, “I don’t have time” to “I don’t want to disturb the cat,” but it’s the little things like making your bed that can determine the success and happiness they will experience during the day. 

Don’t focus too much on trying to grace the cover of a decorating magazine, but instead, focus on making your bed to help keep the rest of your room tidy and organized, and to improve your sleep each night. If you’re hoping to do a little more than pull up the covers each morning, there are a few helpful bed-making tips that you can try to properly celebrate National Make Your Bed Day and establish a truly inviting and relaxing bedroom space. 

Where’s the Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt isn’t a necessary item for every mattress, but having one only adds to the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. If your mattress sits atop an exposed metal frame, you would use the skirt to conceal the less than flattering framework. It’s also great for storage—when you can hide the contents underneath your bed, you’ve got a neat and organized area to place off-season clothing, sporting goods, or other large or bulky items that you don’t use year-round. 

When you’re making the bed, make sure the bed skirt isn’t caught on any part of the frame or accidentally tucked under the mattress. Give it a gentle pull or press out any wrinkles and you’ll be ready to start the day. 

Mattress Pad is Mattress Rad

A mattress pad or mattress topper provides an added layer of comfort and support to your bed. Luckily, this is one item you won’t have to make each morning because it rests underneath the layer of sheets, but it will help give your mattress an added shape and cushion if your bed is starting to sag. It isn’t a visible layer in your bed-making process, but you will certainly feel the difference when you get into bed each night. Your achy back will thank you. 

Wrap Yourself in Sheets

If you make your bed each day, then you know it starts with the sheets. Soft, comfortable sheets can make all the difference between waking up feeling refreshed or spending the night rustling under the covers trying to get comfortable. Some bed-making aficionados will insist that your sheets should be ironed after washing for a truly superb-looking bed, but if you remove them from the dryer promptly and either fold your linens or put them right onto your bed, that will more than suffice.  

First things first—find the tag so that you know your sheets are facing the right direction. Start with the upper corners of the mattress and pull the elastic fitted sheet down and over the bottom corners of the mattress. Smooth out the sheet to get rid of any creases or air-pockets and pull all the edges to make sure the entire sheet is fitted into place. 

Next up is the tricky part—the flat bed sheet. Place this layer over your mattress and spread the sheet out fully, pulling to the top edge of the mattress and evenly centering the sheet so it drapes over each side of the bed.  

There’s always plenty of overhang, so tuck the loose part of the sheet underneath the sides of the mattress and under the foot of the bed. You can take the corner of the sheet that’s hanging past the foot of the bed and tightly fold the corners in place against the side of the mattress. Neatly folded corners will help keep everything in place and prevent the bedding from dislodging when you’re kicking your legs out of the covers in the middle of the night. 

The general rule of thumb is to leave 12 to 18 inches of bedsheet untucked at the top of the bed so you can comfortably get into bed and cozy up under the covers. 

Cozy Blankets

If you sleep with a pile of blankets on top for added warmth and comfort, don’t forget this step when making your bed. Lay your blankets on top of the bed so that the hem is roughly a pillows-width below the upper edge of the mattress. Simply spread the sides of your favorite blankie evenly over the mattress and gently tuck the ends underneath the mattress—the same as you would with the fitted sheet. 

And for the crowning touch—if you have a decorative or seasonal quilt or throw blanket, fold and layer it across the foot of the bed for added visual appeal. 

The Right Topper

Whether you top your bed with a handmade quilt, bedspread, comforter, or duvet cover, this layer completes the ensemble and sets the tone for your bedroom design. Like the name suggests, this layer will rest on top of the blanket or fitted sheets if you don’t have any blankets. Lay on top so that it is evenly draped over each side of the mattress, fold the top of the fitted sheet down over the topper, and press in the sides. 

Pillow Fight

The bed isn’t made until all the pillows have been placed back in their resting position. This goes for the pillows you rest your head on to body pillows and even the ones you use for decoration. Give your pillows a good fluff and rest them against the headboard. If your bed is full of sham pillows, place the regular shams in front of the European shams and finish off with a handful of square throw pillows. There is no rule on using shams or throw pillows, but if you want a truly styled bed for National Make Your Bed Day, take the time to neatly put these pillows in place. 

If you’re still unsure why you should make your bed each day—it’s hard to feel calm or relaxed in an unorganized bedroom, but a properly made bed instantly pulls the bedroom together and creates a subtle vibe of peace and tranquility. When you step foot in a hotel room, the first thing that draws you in is the quality of a neatly made bed. Achieve that feeling when celebrating National Make Your Bed Day and experience the joy and comfort of sliding into the perfectly made bed every night. 

And if this article has put you in the bed-making spirit, give us a call or stop by our store to shop our entire collection of mattresses and sleep accessories. From the softest sheets to the plumpest pillows, we’ve got exactly what you need to sleep on a cloud and wake up ready to make your bed each day.